Callum & Naomi “R” Litter available Females

DNA tested 3 Clear for TNS & GG, 1 TNS clear, GG carrier

O’Neil & Lilly “Q” Litter 2 Females are available

Yonder Oaks Quintessa DNA tested GG carrier, CEA clear

Yonder Oaks Quadira DNA tested GG clear, CEA carrier


COCO & JADE Litter

We welcomed 7 healthy beautiful puppies on 12th of October in 2017. Every puppy is black white, and have sweet caracter.

We still have puppies who are looking for the forever loving home. Please contact me!



After a beautiful autumn came a very sad winter. We had to say Goodbye to our sweetest Mandy who passed away, in December after a fast and rare disease. It broke our hearts that we had to loose her far too young. We want to thank for her breeder his trust in us, she lived with us her short but happy life. Dear Mandy we miss you every day, we meet one day! R.I.P

Serbia CH Yonder Oaks Coconut Cove “COCO”

We spent a fantastic weekend with our Friends in Serbia. Coco got BOB and Serbia Champion. รrmin, our son was very happy to the pocal, we were so proud of our Family ๐Ÿ™‚

Lil’ Mandy, Naomi & Riley

Out of Mandy and Wish’s litter, Little Mandy Naomi and Riley stayed with us, the sweetest baby pics are these ๐Ÿ™‚

Our first shows with Lilly

Wish & Lilly

After a long wait and organization in August of 2016 Wish and Lilly arrived in our kennel from Australia. Thanks for your trust Hayley and Tim Lamb!